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Q: Transmission Shift Linkage on 1993 Ford F-150

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My son's Pickup shift linkage has come loose. Where is it located or how do you access it. Is there a diagram available?
a common problem with these model years ck under the dash at the botom of the stearing column there are 2 #25 torx screws that go back towards the stearing wheel that hold a bar that the shift cable connects to. take them out one at a time and lock-tite back in.should fix it right up.
There is a linkage arm connected on the outside of the transmission that has a cable that runs up into the steering column and connects to the gear selector armature. The cable could be stretched, broke, or the gear selector actuator could be worn.
You will need a good service manual to troubleshoot what may be the problem.
just had my rod from shifter to linkage in trans. fixed. The steel rod from shifter to linkage cables is made of a cheap "pot" steel and breaks easily. Mine was broken in half. First noticed the problem when it was hard to put in park and the key wouldn't come out. If this is your problem go easy on putting your truck in park even after it fails the 1st time. When it broke the shift lever was all over the place and had all gears but reverse was way high where park should be. This pot steel rod is in your steering colume and attaches to your gear shifter at the top. costly repair for using cheap steel.
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