Q: Transmission problem(Solenoid pack) on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Hi, I have 3 codes relating to transmission problem on my 99 Grand Cherokee. Codes are:
P1733= 4C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit
P1734= 2C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit
P1784= L-R Pressure Switch Sense Circuit

These all are related to solenoid pack. How much would that cost to change the solenoid pack?

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Please have your Diagnostic codes rechecked, i do not have these codes listed in my references for your vehicle.
I also have, P1733= 4C Pressure Switch Sense Circuit , on my 1999 GC
that is in limp-mode after driving a short distance. Starts out normal.

prices I have seen $190 to $400 + solenoid replacement
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