Q: Transmission Problems? Even with Low Mileage? on 2004 BMW 325i

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Went for a drive in the Cali mts last week with my automatic 2004 325i sedan. It has less than 53k miles on it. When I started it back up after a short hike, the engine light and another light (gear light?) was on.

When accelerating from 0-25 mph, the car struggled and just didn't pick up speed like a good Bimmer should(merging onto the 101 at a staggering 20 mph was fun, let me tell you!).

Took it into the dealer. They re-programmed the computer (just in case) and determined it was in fact a transmission issue (duh... as if burnt transmission fluid in there wasn't indicative enough).

Anyway, anyone else ever have probs like this with the transmission? Isn't this kind of strange for such low mileage?
(1) Answer
Stranger things have happened in the world of BMW.
Is the issue fixed?
I have heard of similar cases, cases of which transmissions were replaced.
The oil is meant to have a dark brown tinge to it and smell terrible as it is BMW "Lifetime" oil and has certain qualities about it.