Q: transmission problems on 1993 Ford Bronco

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transmission does not shift, i have to shift manualy and I olny have 2&3 gears and 4x4 high! i have the E4OD tranny Is there a shift modual that controls the shifting?
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Yes, there is a shift module but I would have the system scanned including your engine computer in order to precisely identify what the root of your problem really is. It could be a speed sensor, a shift solenoid etc etc. Good Luck!

Dear Shepard a Dodge Caravan usually has a separate Transmission Computer. I would go to and pay a little to get the exact location.
I have a 19997 dodge grand caravan that will not shift out of 2nd gear. I have heard of a shifting module and need to know if this make has one and where it is located. Can you help me please?
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