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Q: transmission problems on 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have been having problems with my transmission. I purchased my 95 Monte Carlo used in 2005.I don't drive that much (I'm retired) and have been driving my car in overdrive since I bought it. My mechanic mentioned that my car needs transmission work. I do have problems getting it into gear- I put in drive and it won't go forward. I have to wait a few minutes before it will go into gear. Do I need to have it flushed or replaced? How much would it cost?
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I had the same problem wiht my 95', i have the 3.4 motor and it would not move for several minutes when cold. I added trans-X i purchesed at AutoZone ran it to normal operating temp and then here is the scarry part (but is works to help free up gunk and or stick valves in the valve body) i get the vehicle moving slowly under 5mph idling and then shift into reverse once i feel it start to grab i shift it back into OD, after doing these a few times i took it out for a drive around 50 miles to allow the cleaners from the trans-X to do its work, then i pulled the car back into the garage and flushed the fluid and changed teh filter again. I have had sucess in the past with several vehicles purchaes used with little tray probs like this one. and this one turned out the same, it had been about 3 months and 13K miles and it is still shifting like new. be very carfull if you decide to try this as you can do some damage and cause yourself a rebuild if you you are moving too fast or allow it to fully shift into reverse while still moving, i onl wait till i feel it start to pull then i shift back into drive. dry this one at your own risk, it has worked for me of 4 different chevy trans.
Thank you! Since the weather has gotten warmer I haven't had any problems with it. I'm not mechanically inclined and that sounds kinda scary. I'll ask my brother to do it.
my 02 monte, 3.8 began to clunk into gear at 80,000 - immediately after the cataclytic converter went bad .This ocurred dring up shifting and down shifting. . Only happened after running about 40 minutes. Everybody wanted to sell me a rebuild job of some sort. $2,000 - $3,000. I found out about a common problem with this tranny on the internet. None of the dealers or repair shops want to tell you about it unlesss you have the info to ask pointed questions. I had the pressure solenoid replaced. $59 for the part, $400 labor. Smooth as silk the last 17,000 mi
as a mechanic, doint the trans ax will only prolong the process and cause more problems down the road. the risk you run with that is if the tranny all of a sudden secides to go your looking at more than a rebuild. your looking at a whole new tranny and your looking anywhere from 1500 to 2500 for a fix
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