Q: transmission problem? on 1990 Chevrolet Lumina

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My car sometimes smokes a lot when I start it and it is leaking transmission fluid. The smoke is coming out of the muffler. Ive checked the oil and it doesnt need oil. Do I need to just change seals or is this a major transmission overhaul problem.
(2) Answers
It sounds like a vacuum motor for the transmission may have ruptured and now the trans fluid is being sucked out of the trans into the engine and burning. Is the trans fluid getting low? Better check it with the car idling in park!
Though I am not sure about this model year, if the transmission uses a vacuum modulator, it could have a ruptured diaphragm and be drawing transmission fluid into the intake and burning it in the engine. Try checking the transmission fluid level and see if it might be a little low.
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