Q: Transmission Oil on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta

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I want to change the transmission oil on my 03 Jetta. However I am not sure how to refill it after it has been drained. Does anyone have experience with this, or should I just have a mechanic do it?
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I just did a transmission fluid/filter change on my 03 Jetta but had it done by a mechanic. The transmission in the VW is a closed system, so it doesn't have the normal dip stick that many other domestic cars do and no place to put in fluid from the engine block area. I looked online and found a few articles that seemed to explain how to do it yourself but I am not that experienced and didn't want to take a chance. It seems that you have to refill the fluid from the pan itself. That is why I just took mine in to a transmission specialist. It cost somewhere around $200-$250 if I remember right but thats the price you pay for VW's. On the bright side, you only have to do it every 30,000 miles or so, so it only needs to be done every couple of years (depending on driving conditions).