Q: transmission not sure? on 1998 Ford F-150

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My warranty ran out on my transmission at 60,000km. I am from canada.
the gears my be slipping, seems to be taking long to gear from 2 and 3 gear. I took in several times before my warranty ran out and now that its out of warranty they said I need a new transmmision. I left the dealership pissed off and said I was going to drive it until it breaks. 10 YRS LATER AND 325,000KM sTILL THE SAME PROBLEM I KNOW NOW IT CAN'T BE THE TRANSMMISION IT WOULD HAVE BROKE LONG TIME AGO. ANY ANSWER ANYONE.. My friend had same kind of truck and happen to him it wasn't the transmission He said it was something under the steer wheel wiring.. he end up selling it before showing me his bill with the problem..He took to a ford dealer and it was still the same. his local garage fix it for him.
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Hi, did you ever find out what the problem was? Or are you still driving with this problem?
Still driving my truck and its still has the same problem.365k and running. I guess my engine will quit before my transmission problem...