Q: transmission not shifting properly on 2005 Volvo XC90

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check engine light comes on and transmission service message comes on , acts like it gets stuck in a particular gear and wont come out shifts hard when it does and the drive indicator on the dash goes from D to - and wont go away until i turn car off, will go to drive after i crank it back but messes up again and is giving fault codes po700 and po717
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There is a TSB out from Volvo to fix transmission shifting problems by updating the TCM's software.
You need to take it to a Volvo specialty shop who has DICE diag. system or to the dealership to have this done.
Here is a reference:

A/T Controls - TCM Updates For Various Issues/DTC's
Transmission Control Module (TCM), Software (SW)
Date 12-23-2009
Reference: VIDA

Let us know what happened.

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