Transmission not shifting on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My wifes PT Cruiser has not been shiftig gears. I looked at the TCM yesterday and that looks caroded. It has rust and looks like battery acid (old battery had lots of acid before replaced) I am very limmited on cash so a repair shop is out of the question. I figure I replace this and hope for the best. Has this happend to others? Not shifting gears unless I stop and resart the car. If so what was the outcome?

by in Beverly, MA on May 20, 2013
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ANSWER by on May 20, 2013
Pull the connector off and clean as best as possible , both harness side and blow out the TCM side with compressed air if possible. Use care NOT to bend pin terminals! Try that first , before replacing TCM , the problem sounds more like a bad connection , rather than the control module itself , since shutting it off and restarting temporarily corrects the symptom. Also , do any dash warning lights flicker at the time it acts up? Like ignition being turned off very briefly? ??? -Maybe someone else will reply , It could also be a faulty connection in a 'power' line somewhere else--I'm thinking ?maybe? ignition switch? Had a Dodge a while back that had problems with trans going into 'limp' mode and it turned out to be the ignition switch........
ANSWER by on May 21, 2013
ANSWER by on October 06, 2014
After checking the connections on the TCM and cleaning also check the wiring, that it is also in good condition. Check the condition of the fluid, it should be a nice lite red and not dark red. If dark red then you need to change your trans fluid ATF +4! It's synthetic, don't forget the filter. If you have added ATF 3 you'll need to change it as soon as possible! You Probably have a 604 41 TE auto trans (this is a four speed automatic trans)and if this is the case. Then you need to have the input and the output turbine sensor's replaced,(aka speed sensor) same thing different name. These sensors are cheap and have a high failure rate due to high temps the trans produces. The next best thing to do is to have a trans cooler installed but not too big. Bigger is not better. There are several reasons for the trans not to shift, it could also be the shift solenoids. These trans are all electronic shift. Cheers
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