Q: transmission not holding pressure when it gets hot on 2001 Honda CR-V

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trans was in repair shop 3 months. unable to be fixed. is this fixable or should I get another transmission
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you went to the wrong shop. you need a trans shop who will most likely re build your unit in a short period of time.

thank you for your response! I did forget to mention the trans was supposedly rebuilt 3 times and supposedly the ECM also- to no avail. I was told the trans loses pressure as it gets hot and mechanic was unable to figure out why. I'm just not sure the answer is another trans if the pressure is not holding
Honda dealer an option? At least for diagnosi of the existing unit? If so , make sure you give ALL details of history. Three tries at the same place ....either they're missing something or it's got an internal failure in the case.
all 3 attempts at same shop. Honda wanted to replace not rebuild the trans. Labor and used trans not reasonably price to send there-unfortunately. Internal failure in the case is nothing the mechanic ever mentioned. Thank you! Car's just sitting at my house for now. Not sure what to do with it :(. Now that's annoying!