Q: Transmission module indicator is causing check engine light to go on and stay on? on 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

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Car is now 6 years old and transmission in auto mode works fine. However, when I try to use manual mode (umatic transmission) the request to up or downshift is ignored and sometimed the R ( reverse ) light comes on??
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This computer controlled system needs to be scanned to see what code has been set. When you know that code, then you can address why the transmission does not shift when in the manual mode.
It was scanned ....thats how I know the issue relates to the check engine light coming on due to a transmission module indicator... code was something like p 20 or p 28?

WHERE is this Transmission control indicator located? Is it expensive to fix, and will it effect the drive-ability of the vehicle in Auto transmission mode, since in auto it seems to still be fine??
Your codes will all be 5 digits, starting with a P. Like, P0701 or P0763.

Without those codes, it's hard to give any suggestion. It's also impossible to diagnose the vehicle first hand.

Your information is incomplete, unfortunately, so it's hard to really make any suggestion about your Tiburon. I'm not familiar with a part called a "transmission control indicator" That may be what you call the warning light.
Yes it DOES!! I saw it on the reader!
Transmission Control Module Indicator
I'm looking at the corporate Hyundai web site.

Actually, you can too by creating a free account at
Thanks for your time...
i found problem causing non shifting in manual mode causing engine light to illuminate.
Wire in electrical harness, drivers side, just inside firewall, stripped and barely making intermittent contact. Taped it up and it seems to be working again.