Q: transmission life on 2003 Dodge Caravan

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I am told (someone selling extended warranty)that the transmission will fail before the vehicle reaches 75,000 miles. What is the expected life of that transmission??
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Scare tactics used by extended warranty is a hard sell. Since it sounds like you are buying the vehicle do you know past history of maintenance or repairs. If not then is a crap shoot. How many miles on the vehicle now? Those trans were not known for longevity as far as I remember but I do know this for a fact. The odds always favor the extended warranty company and typically the contract is not worth it. How much is contract compared to cost of trans overhaul if needed? Check in your area at trans shops. Good luck. Only you can make an INFORMED decision.
i agree with ron. the trans you have does have a high failure rate but not knowing the past history, it makes sense to at least look into the warranty. get many estimates for power train only. you will be surprized the different prices.

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