Q: Transmission leaking. Told it is front transmission seal. How much will it cost? on 2005 Ford Taurus

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How much will labor and parts cost me to repair the problem? Noticed a few weeks ago on a trip. That it would kick at start off.then started to notice spots on my driveway under front end of car.
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What does "kick at start off" mean? You are fortunate that you haven't had a trans failure sooner.
The trans in the Taurus is not known for durability, especially if one does not service the trans properly.
Are you really willing to spend $1500 to $2000 on a 9 year old car?
if it is the front main seal it could cost anywhere from $800-$1500 depending on the shop..not an easy task to replace, the transmission will need to be removed from the vehicle to repair the seal..Although this would be in NY, If you decide to have it fixed you may want to have the axle seals replaced as well while they will already be out to repair the main seal..
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