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Q: Transmission kick on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2002 Passat GLS 4Motion with 121,000 miles on it. I bought it at 77,000 miles and have not done anything with the transmission. I don't know if anything has ever been done on it (including changing the ATF).

Occasionally when I let off the accelerator and then accelerate again, the transmission seems to thump/kick. I figure I need a transmission drain (not a flush?). The dealership told me to do a flush for $325. If that didn't fix it, they may need to change the motor mount for $225.

I independent guy who works on VW's and other foreign cars said not to do a flush but just a drain. He said it will take two hours at $75 per hour plus the filter and ATF.

Repairpal estimates the ATF change to cost about $150. Who to believe? How much should a drain cost? Is a drain safer than a flush?
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A transmission that may not have received any service in the past I personally do not like using a "flushing machine", its like the risk associated with angioplasty where they go in and dislodge plaque and it gets stuck in a heart valve and the patient dies! Same with the transmission, dirt gets dislodged and sticks in a passageway, the transmission can fail. I would get the oil hot drain it, remove the oil pan, replace the filter, refill, maybe drive and drain it one more time. Use the original or VW approved oil (I think Valvoline make a comparable oil). The oil may be expensive. an hour and half labor would be OK. Problem could be the engine mounts as well but for the life of the transmission service any way.
I had the transmission fluid drained and filled and the filter replaced. It was original transmission fluid as it was very black and all the magnets were heavily covered. Mechanic cleaned everything well.

Kick is still there sometimes when letting off accelerator and then pressing accelerator again. Mechanic showed me the left front motor mount was "splashed" with a reddish something. He said that indicates it is or has gone bad but I have not noticed any problem with steering or feel. The right front mount appeared ok, no reddish splash on it.

Should I have that motor mount replaced, too?

UPDATE: I finally found the answer to the transmission kick. Over two years later, in June 2013, I replaced my cheap Champion spark plugs (then with 35,000 miles on them) with new NGK spark plugs. The kick immediately went away and the engine seems to have a bit more power. I think the additional power made it easier on the engine and transmission.
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