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Q: Transmission jerks badly on engaging on 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager


I have a 1994 3.3L A604 Voyager that has suddenly developed a terrible jerking when engaging the transmission.

The tranny was due for its annual service, and I changed the fluid(+4) and filter as usual.
I also changed the starter solenoid contacts at the same time, so I disconnected the battery.

Started the van and it lurched badly in forward, jerking like the torque converter was not functioning, and causing the van to die. I restarted a couple of times and got the van to go forward, still lurching.

Finally got it to drive a bit at low accelleration, it shifted through the gears OK, but shifted to 4th at about 30 mph (800 rpm's) and did not want to downshift normally.

Took the van home jerking badly from a "california-roll" stop, and checked all the wires where I may have knocked something loose.
Tried to drive again, same lurching, even in reverse now (before reverse seemed OK), and barely able to get van to get going.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!

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you need to do a re learn on the trans. drive it for about 50 miles so the van can re learn how to shift correctly. it has adaptive strategy and when you disconnected the battery, it lost it and needs to re learn it again.

Thanks for the response Roy.

I am afraid to drive it at all, as the trans does the jerking in all gears, especially under acceleration. I am afraid I may harm it.
We have had many of these vans with the same 3.3/A604 and this never happened before.
It does seem to shift through the gears OK under light acceleration, but at a stop, its a bucking bronco and kills the engine, like the torque converter is locked up.

I'll try it again now. See Below...

Thanks Again


I just finished driving it, gingerly, for about 65 miles, some highway, some town type.
At first the issues with not being able to idle in drive resolved itself, however it still lurched in mid-throttle applications.
Then after I stopped and restarted, the lurching at idle returned, making it very difficult to get the car going from a stop. The lurching continued in acceleration situations as well.
When I just parked it, the van would not stay running in drive stopped at idle.
With a steady throttle it runs fine, but that is all.

I did not remove the starter to do the contacts, and this issue was not present before I serviced the trans. I am lost.....


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