Q: Transmission is in lymph mode and won't shift even manually. on 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Transmission is in lymph mode and will not shift. It will go in forward, reverse and will not shift from second gear.
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If you are still looking for the answer to this question, I had the EXACT same problem. It is a wire. I tried changing the fluid and filter, that did nothing. I ended up taking it to the dealer, and it was just a damn wire that burned out. They said it was common to the vehicle. Take it in, will only cost you about 100 bucks.
Check and/or replace transaxle control relay. A small "box-like" module found next to the transaxle control module on the firewall, and is next to the small "box-like" relay that controls the back-up lights. This fixed my particular limp-mode problem. This part is about $20 +/- retail.
Mine would not shift out of first until you turned off the ignition. It would get stuck like that after I went over a bump. Have a transmission guy (not AAMCO) put his meter on it and see if the solenoid valves are sticking. Cost about $300 to fix.
I believe the term is "limp home mode," whereas the vehicle will only operate in a low gear in order to get you to a repair shop.
Check the input & output speed sensor on the tranny.

(Disconnect the battery for 5 min or so & then reconnect it & see if it shifts normally.)
This will help you for a while but the sensors need to be replaced. (I'd change BOTH)
I just had the same problem with my dodge grand caravan, it would'nt shift gears. I was told it was the speed sensor, so I replaced it but but nothing changed, then I did a little search on the internet and went to a savaje junk yard as and replaced the TCM (transmission control module) and the transmission worked again, so try this things before you take it to the shop and spend thousands of dollars, just get your self some good toos and head to the junk yard and fixe it your self. Ps $23 tcm at the junk yard good luck.