Q: transmission going out? on 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

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There has been a loud nosie over my engine sound, for the past month my mencanic said it was due to my car being old but the noise is present when I accerlate my car only. My check engine light came on after I got a oil change this weekend and when I accelerate over 30mph my car jerks when change gears I have an automatic but it is a malibu classic. my mileage is over 103,600 I have not had my 100,000 mile tun up as of yet. What could be going wrong with my car?
(2) Answers
Any number of things could be going on with your car. It is getting to be high mileage, so you can count on needing some repair and maintenance work, soon. That doesn't mean that you're in big trouble, necessarily.

The Check Engine Light coming on means there's definitely a problem. It may be a complete coincidence that it was after an oil change. Depending on how well you have maintained the car, it sounds like it is time to take it in for a thorough diagnosis and inspection, and invest some money in maintenance.
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