Q: Transmission flush not needed?? on 2008 Pontiac Vibe

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I called a dealer to quote a transmission flush and he told me this car doesnt need a flush. He explained that it uses a special fluid to replace and that's it. Does this make sence? He said this was per the manuel. I will look myself, but was looking for other peoples thoughts and experiences with this.
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Calls for Toyota T4 fluid, the transmissions are reliable and call for very little maintenance, I don't like the "flushing machines" but I would drop the oil pan and change the trans fluid every 30k if it is a car you plan to keep long term and have peace of mind.
I agree. todays transmissions do not require flushing. the fluid will last as long as the trans does unless there is a failure. i have always believed changing the fluid but the manufacturers are saying otherwise.

I totally disagree with Roy. All aout trans should be serviced. Go to and watch the videos then go to and have it serviced. If you did what the manufacture recommends you will have problems. Do what they recommend and more.