Q: transmission fluid flush on 2002 Volkswagen Beetle TDI

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is it totally unheard of to have your transmission fluid be so bad that they recommend cleaning and replacing fluid/filter then driving some then doing it a second time? the volkswagen dealer quoted me ABOUT 400. the independent shop that has my car said it would be 550 for two flushes and the diagnosis (essentially 445 for two flushes).
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It's unusual but your fluid could be that bad, I've seen it black in some cars. To replace the filter and flush the fluid twice could cost $400. Makes me wonder, does this tranmission work OK? If so, it could be worth doing, you could save the transmission because if the fluid is really bad and the filter gets clogged, the trans will fail sooner or later.
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I'm not sure that it is.... I brought it in because of a slight lag around 2000 RPM. Seems it didn't want to shift. It's also having a hard time engaging when I put into R from Park. I'm hoping the fluid change helps! Thanks for your response!
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