Q: Transmission fluid change in relation to engine oil leak on 2000 Toyota Echo

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It's been recommended that I get the transmission fluid and filter changed (trans fluid has never been changed and car is at 90,000 miles) to possibly stop an engine oil leak. How could this help the engine oil leak?
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I have never heard of that before. The reason you put oil in your engine but transmission fluid in your trans. is because they are completely separate systems. They do not mix anywhere so anything done to the transmission will not have an affect on engine oil leaking. If the oil leaking is reddish in color it is actually a transmission leak and not from the engine.
Thank you very much.

Right. This is what I thought. I read it on this site, but I may have misunderstood the terminology. It is hard to tell the difference sometimes bet. engine oil and the trans fluid. I know that trans fluid is reddish, but since it's probably pretty dirty, it's brown-looking now most likely. It is interesting that one mechanic said it was my trans fluid and one did a dye test and said it was engine oil-- since he tested it, I'm going to have to believe it's the engine oil.