Q: Transmission failure on 2004 Audi A4 Quattro

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I have an A4 and I recently had it in a bodyshop to have the hood and fender fixed after hitting a deer. I dropped the car off 1 month ago, and when they called me to pick it up, the transmission was acting strange. They (shop) had to change the condenser and pulled the transmission lines, thus losing fluid. When I called the shop the technician told me "we knew if was low in fluid so we brought to the dealer to get it filled!" the only problem with that picture is that it happened after I returned the car to them. In the mean time the dealer has clearly stated on the work order that this could lead to transmission damages. The bodyshop is refusing to pay for the transmission saying that simply driving 10k on a low fluid transmission (3L low) would not have damaged the tranny and say it is not their problem!!
My question is can the low fluid driving the car 10km, the possible cause of the damaged transmission?
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Sometimes there is hidden damage that shows up after a collision repair and its called a supplemental insurance repair , call your insurance agent to see if this damage should have been covered by the initial claim
if a dealer told you this can cause problems (which i refuse to "say" i agree with because i dont want to be a professional witness) then you should consider sueing or going to arbitration. along with opinions, try to get repair, service or owners manual writen material that will support your suspicion.
your welcome. hope everyone was ok (deer excluded). i know fixing you car may cost a few "bucks" but its less "doe" than a new car. p.s. deer in your headlights is an expression, not a location. sorry just needed to get that out.