Q: Transmission Control Modeule on 2004 Audi A4

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Where is the Tranmission control Module located in the Audi A4 (non quattro) 2004 and is it some that can be repaired or rebuilt with having to buy a new one.
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Hi, were you able to get this issue resolved? Did you find a place that rebuilds control modules?
What is wrong with the transmission control module?
How much are they charging to program the module?
No I have not been able to find the exact match yet. I am told that if I get a rebuilt one or puchase a used one off another Audi A4, I would still have to take it to the dealer to have to re-programmed and then the dealer would charge me almost what it would cost to have bought the original one from them... I don't know what to do that point. I am about ready to just get rid of my Audi and I really did like this car.
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