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Q: Transmission on 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

My model is 4x4, SLT Laramie. Transmission hesitates every time I start it up, put it in gear, hold brake, bring up the rpm's, torque converter fills up and it engages. Stop at go and sometimes it goes 10/7 momentarily. Truck is parked most of the time. Put it in reverse and sometimes it sounds like I have a flute in the transmission.
I read that this particular model transmission empties the torque converter back. I am planning to bring the transmission down to replace rear engine seal and want to correct this hesitation problem. Transmission does not slip and shifts perfectly. I haul my 5,000 lbs. boat without any problem other than the occasional hesitation.
By the way, I had some shifting problems, 1st to 2nd mostly, it turn out the be the transmission cable that runs to the trottle linkage, cost me $ 95.00, this after changing selenoids which did not solve problem.
Any guidance on this before I take in to the shop will be greatly appreciated, I don't want to be taken to the cleaners.
On the other hand I can hook up the truck to my 5,000 lbs boat and hauls it with no problem.
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Delayed transmission engagement of 2 to 8 seconds at driveway start up. Most noticeable after the vehicle has been parked for an extended period.
The repair involves installing a drainback relief valve in the transmission oil cooler pressure line. Part Number 4778670 is a Package - Drainback Relief Valve. Chrysler Technical Bullietin 21-08-94; SUBJECT: Delayed Transmission Engagement/Torque Converter Drain Back; DATE: Apr. 29, 1994.
There is also a Technical Service Bulletin to address the "flute" like noise in Reverse. NO: 21-08-99; SUBJECT: "Buzz", "Whining", Or "Moaning" Like Noise From A Cold Transmission When Reverse Is Selected.; DATE: April 30, 1999. OVERVIEW: The bulletin involves replacing the transmission regulator valve. NOTE: THIS INFORMATION APPLIES TO VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH A RE OR RH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION.
SYMPTOM/CONDITION: Some vehicles may exhibit an intermittent noise from the transmission when reverse gear is selected. This noise has been described as a "buzz", whining", or "moaning" like noise. The noise is most noticeable when transmission fluid temperature is below 38 C. (100 F.). The condition is caused by a resonance of the transmission regulator valve system. Other items may cause regulator valve resonance, including air ingestion into the valve body or out of specification parts. These two items may be the result a possible cracked pump housing, a torn pump gasket, an under filled transmission, a restricted fluid filter or cooler flow, or an out of specification valve and/or valve body. The regulator valve in question is made of aluminum. the replacement valve is made of steel. It is easily replaced by any knowledgeable Chrysler Transmission Technician by removing the valve body.
I have similar problem. I have 2002 Dakota w/ V^ and A/T (42RE/46RE). My presure sensor went out. Good luck on finding someone who carries it or can even get it. About $130 and have to remove tranny pan and filter to get to it (change fluid/filter and adjust bands while yr down there).
I have changed both relays found in the tranny oil pan and this did not correct the problem. I strongly believe it might be in the torque converter? Any leads in this area?
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