Transmission on 1994 BMW 530i

I Can't Find Where To Pour Transmission Fluid

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All you need is a hand pump. Any kind will do. Jack up the car high enough to get under it, take out the bold at the upper right rear of the trans. Its above the exhaust and in a tight place but you should be able to get to it without taking anything out. Take the bolt out and make sure to keep the seal to re-use. If a little fluid comes out then its full, if not then pump fluid in until it begins to run out. Oh, you should do this with a warm transmission... It is sealed but this plug is for this purpose.
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BMWs have sealed transmissions to pour oil in you need a special pump
under the car is the transmission tank, at the rear right or left corner farthest from the front of the car is the fill plus.. car must be idling and warm when applying the fluid
i believe it's a sealed transmission. you have to pump the fluid up through the drain plug