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Q: transmission on 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T

does this vehicle year and style have a problem with transmission going between 80,000miles and 120,000
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Between 80,000miles and 120,000 is quite a wide spread in mileage. As with anything mechanical, it is impossible to determine when failure will occur even with the best of care and maintenance. Example, Last week, I just changed the battery in my 2001 Dodge Intrepid. It finally failed after 10 years of service. Yes, it was the original battery. Some batteries fail in their first year. You just never know.
Go to home page on repairpal and click on "Hear from Experts", put in your vehicle info and look at the list of concerns and will see what they are saying. A great source of info for your vehicle(s).
sorry that doesn't answer the question what i am wondering is if there seems to be a problem with the transmission blowing or dieing after so many miles like alot of the dodge transmissions do
That list is for pattern failures that have been shared throughout the industry, at no point did I see what you are worried about happening, like most problems with transmissions and engines it is all in how well it has been taken care of maintenance wise. So many times drivers are doing breakdown maintenance instead of preventative maintenance and when does have problems because of this they blame the manufacturer instead of poor maintenance habits. I would think that any trans techs on this site will hit you back with maybe an answer to your question but if not I would lean toward the list as long as the trans you speak of has been taken care of since day one. Good luck with your search. Lots of times when someone says something bad about a trans is because they personally had a problem with one instead of there being a whole list of others with same problems. Again, good luck.
i see thanx for everything i appreciate your help i am looking at purchasing this vehicle hopefully there will be no problems thanx again
Ok, now the scope of the answer changes a bit, since now you are saying you are thinking of buying then it is very important that you try to get the maintenance records for how well the trans was taken care of. If you have no history with this vehicle and cannot find out any history from previous then it is a crap shoot as to whether it has been taken care of. This is a lot like when you move and change doctors or dentists, the first thing they ask when you show up is for a copy of your old records or they then have to start from scratch if you did not bring copies. Good luck
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