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Q: Transmission on 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500

I have recently experienced my transmission getting stuck in first gear. To resolve the issue I stopped and put the car in park and then back in gear. that seemed to elevate the problem at that time. What's going on? Please help.
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Hi guys , here with a little insight on these units . The transmission computer is parts of the valve body inside the transmission and it has to be serviced by replaceing both parts as one . the most common cause of transmission problems are speed sensors, the case connector where the wires go into the transmission transmission fluid will leak out into the harness and make it way to the module under the dash , when the fluid gets into the harness it will start to ground out everything in that harness and make the transmission go into limp mode/fail safe . If you turn the key off and back on that will reset the problem until the computer sees a problem again and then it will start over again , but when this happens it has set a code for a problem . the update for this is cheap and would only take a day to install . If any one has anything I could help with we dont mind helping people in these tuff times .
I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota that will not shift out of first gear. I hooked it up to a code reader and it gave no code. I have tried to reset the computer and it didn't do anything. I had no warning. I drove it 2 hours before and had no problem. Can you help me? You can email me at, please.
Good insight expert! How can I get in touch with you to get assistance with this cheap update - as I have this exact transmission issue that you describe. Thanks,
Can you email your info so I can get ur assistance on this issue as well.
Hi guys i had the same problem with my 2003 E500 sport and it would drive fine , then it recently would stay in gear when i would turn on the vehicle and so i would turn off the vehicle and turn back on it it would work fine i started to notice this when i would put the car into gear after being parked it would jerk back and fourth so i purchased the whole conductor plate kit with filter and gasket and bought new tranmission oil as well . Replaced the part and did notice that yes oil was going into the connection where the conductor plate connects to the transmission now put back together with new parts and now car does not move at all could someone please help me does anyone know what i should do should i reprogram the valve body or what do i do next please help me . my email is
My 2004 e500 is doing the same thing...maybe 3-4 times now. How did you resolve your problem?
I am currently having the same problem with my E500. The diagnosis appears to be a faulty valve box (not sure if the part name is completely correct)according to my transmission specialists. This particular part is conjoined with a computer, I guess that controls the trans - priced at $1300. Not totally sure as I have been waiting to get my car back for almost a week now. My mechanic who bought the part from a local dealer is now having to wait for them to program the part, and of course it is not a priority for them as they are not replacing the part. I am very frustrated with this car; just a few months ago I had to have the computer programmed ($200) because the car was downshifting with a hard thud. Hope this helps!
Did a little research - I belive this is the orrect part/terminology:

Transmission Valve Bodies

The transmission valve body is the brain of the transmission. Often it is called the control valve. The valve body, like the transmission, has been changed and updated through the years.
i think that the problem is the transmission conductor plate and this is one of the main part in most of mercedes trans that go bad.BTW a have the same problem with my c230 2003.most of the time those stupide mecanic will tell you that you have to replace the trans.a understand that it is not their fault because of the economy but diagnos first and then proceed.
I have a 03 E class 500 Mercedes Benz and every time I put my car in drive and reverse it shuts off...I do know its a transmission problem but I don't know which part is causing that to happen..Can someone help please
I experienced the same thing with my 2004 E500 at first, then the car started to get stuck in 7th gear. While driving, if I stopped, the car would not downshift and I would have to turn off the car and restart it to reset the computer. After an independent had the car for three days and couldn't figure out the problem, I took it to the dealer. It turns out that the "valve body" was bad in the tranny. Two thousand dollars later, it's perfect again.
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