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Q: transmission on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

my transmission is leaking. I am having to put in a quart and half in the transmission to go this hard to fix and is it exspensive to fix?
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Hopefully it's the transmission oil pan gasket leaking. The is no drain plug on the transmission pan so they have to remove the pan to change the fluid and filter. A shop should be able to locate the leak for you either by simply cleaning the underside and looking for it or by using a fluorescent dye.
If you drive it on rough roads, a rock may have punched a small hole in the pan but I'd bet on the gasket first.
Your welcome, happy to help!
I also just noticed the common problems say the oil cooler lines for the transmission commonly leak. Maybe it is one or both of those?
Hopefully its your transmission pan gasket thats leaking and if it is you need to have a new gasket installed, Call around and ask for a price on a filter and fluid change on your transmission. While they have it on the rack they can locate any other leaks.
so i keep adding to it!!!!!! where is the possible places in the car it could be leaking? it is a 1995 lumina 3.1 liter
Do you find fluid on the ground after parking for a longer period of time? It could be a simple leak, which may be easy to fix; however, the transmission may be damaged and need repair, which can be very expensive.

The best thing to do is get a good diagnosis from a technician you can trust--they can help you find the most cost-effective solution.
yes after it sits a while then it will leak out! as long as i keep transmission fluid in it it runs fine.......i have to add more to it after it sits a while.
Sounds to me like its your transmission pan gasket. I have the same model car and have not had any problems with that. However if it is the gasket the general cost would be around 60 dollars for the gasket kit and another 60 dollars in mechanic work so find someone cheap.

Check with a local transmission shop. Most places will check for the leak for free. They can locate the leak easily and repair it for you.
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