Q: Transmission on 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500

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Where is the Imput/Turbine Speed Sensor "A"
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on the conductor plate (plastic) with integral circuit which supplys current to solenoids and the TURBINE SPEED SENSOR which is part of the assembly. The unit has two sensors on one attached "pad" that kind of dangles from the plate but is held to the transmission case by means of the valve body(which it clips on to) once installed. It really is not that bad of a job just messy,HOWEVER, I still have the fault code active with no shift out of 2nd gear and I have checked every wire from the TCM to the Tranny and voltage is the same from one point to the other. I am now leaning towards the TCM being the problem. NOTE: trans fluid will wick from the tranny to the TCM which is located under the drivers seat......I know....I didn't believe it either till I saw it for myself. Suggested from a user on " So I don't know if the fluid will conduct current, but if so, I guess the TCM could be bad.
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