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Q: transmission on 2005 BMW 530i

I have a 2005 BMW 530i with 96,000 miles on it and it suddenly started having issues with what appears to be the transmission. I took it to the BMW dealership and they made sure the transmission fluid was full, which it was. I then took it to a transmission repair shop and they checked to see if they could pull some codes, but no codes came up. The symptoms the car is having are: it sometimes slips, sometimes does a hard shift, and sometimes has difficulty engaging in 3rd and 5th gears. Can these transmissions be rebuilt or do they have to be replaced completely? The transmission shop was not able to find anyone that sells parts for this transmission. Is it possible that there is another cause for this to be happening, since it did come on so suddenly, even though it didn't show any codes? Thank you so much!!
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OK, first of all, thank you for your description, second, i would have done it the other way around
Bmw should be checking faults and transmission fluid checked at the trans shop.
The transmission shop would not have the advanced testing equipment as BMW, such as the ISID or the GT1. Which can see much more fault codes on BMWs than any other tester on the market.
I would, if i was working at the dealer ship, if no faults present, check the condition of the "lifetime" oil and replace if neccesary, check the trans plug housing for leaks as this does cause odd trans faults, reset adaptions via "control unit functions" on the GT1 and drive to see if problems improve. Last resort is to bring vehicle software up to date and carry out a complete encode using the latest ISTA/P software. If it continues to fault, could be a faulty trans or mechatronics. We have an approved "ZF" transmission repairer here in Australia, so i am sure there is one in the US somewhere.

Good luck
I had the exact problem and solved it when doing extensive research. In your Transmission the TCM is actually lacated within the tranny. I came across an article which was helpful to me in solving this issue. dont laugh!

Check your "Spark plugs" Thats right. when your plugs get fouled up it causes a mis-signal to be sent to the TCM unit which cause slips especially between gears 4 and 5. when this is the problem you will not get any codes or Failsafe Prog. codes present. If you are throwing codes for the tranny then the problem lies with the transmission...
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