Q: Transmission on 1993 BMW 318i

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How do I change/top up transmission fluid?
(1) Answer
Depends which transmission is installed.
One has a dipstick to check the level, adding fluid is through the dipstick tube.
The other does not have dipstick. You really need a lift to check the fluid level on that one, but here is how:

Fill Procedure Without Dipstick

1. Transmission temp. must be between 30 degs. C and 50 degs.C before checking.
2. The vehicle must be level without load, engine running. A/C turned on Max.
3. Step on the brake firmly, apply parking brake fully, move selector lever into each gear, pausing briefly in each gear.
4. With the engine running and the selector lever in Park position, remove the filler plug, If a small stream of oil runs out, the fluid level is correct.
5. If no oil runs out when the filler plug is removed, the fluid level is too low. Add oil until it starts to overflow.
6. With the engine running, reinstall the oil filler plug, tighten to proper torque.