Q: Transmission on 2005 Ford Taurus

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My transmission is not working is this common with Ford Taurus? Also what's a good estimate on a new one installed & to rebuild the one that is gone out? Thanks Alot WILL
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I live in Augusta Ga. and have a 1999 ford taurus. just paid over 1300.00 for blown head gasket and freeze plug raplacement....only to have the mechanic tell me that I have a cracked cylinder and the engine will go anytime soon up to 50,000 miles?....and eventually this will cause a need for the motor to be rebuilt? Is the cause of your transmission going out similar to what i may be dealing with? The mechanic at D&S automotive on Peach Orchard told me that it would cost approximately $2500-$2700 to rebuild the engine...(when and if that time should come)