Q: Transfer Case Fluid" replacement and "Transmission fluid/filter service"? on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I have 120,000 miles on my vehicle and change the engine oil/filter at 3,000 mi and do a transmission svc each 30,000 miles; but, I have never changed the front or rear differential fluid or the transfer case fluid. So, my question, is the service I need to perform 1. Differential fluid repalcement front and rear? 2. Transfer Case fluid replacement? Thank you
(2) Answers
You need to service your front and rear differentials every 30,000 miles as well and the TC. If you have a select trac TC you will need just full synthetic 75w 140 gear oil for the front and rear diff. If you have a quadra trac or quadra drive you will need to add 2 oz. of limited slip additive to the front and 4 oz. to the rear differential. Jeeps are very sensitive to which TC fluid they will take mine is a NV247 and specific mercon III. Ask your dealer but you can do it yourself if you can change oil.
i reccomend changing at 100,000. it runs 39.95 plus fluid for diff and the same for the transfer case.