Q: transfer case on 2000 Ford Expedition

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i was told that my transfer case is bad it makes a loud clunk when starting to drive on awd mode when i switch to 4 low its way louder whats better...rebuild or get used one from salvage yard
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Neither, really. Obtaining a new one is the best move. If you cannot do that, I would go used; I'm not familiar with many folks who have successfully rebuilt one of these transfer cases in shop, usually based on the level of damage found to the internal components.
thanks it hard to replace tranfer case..and is 500 typ price for used one?i have a 2000 expedition all 4 wheel drive with 4xh /4xL
It's not difficult if you have the right equipment and access. You don't want to be lifting this out without support from a transmission or component jack.

$500 isn't too bad. A new one is probably $1300. Just change the oil first on the replacement unit. And make sure you have at least a little bit of a guarantee just in case you install it and it's bad out of the wrapper...
thanks dave..i noticed a hose like a vacuum not sure what it is its at the front of t case ..and its not hooked up