Q: Trani fluid on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

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Is front wheel drive pacifica has a transmission fluid and differential fluid separately or it's all in one trans fluid?
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It looks like the front differential is part of the transmission, here is a site that shows the fluids for the vehicle, and it doesn't list a separate fluid for the front diff:
no I have front wheel drive. I get it now, thank you very much.
If I shift from park to drive or reverse or back to park I hear a little clunking noise and sometimes when I drive about 10-15 mph and I'm on and off the gas I hear the same clunking noise? Just wondering what that might be? Thanks a lot,
Incorrect. The AWD Pacifica has a separate front transfer case that takes 75w90 gear oil. This is the same fluid for its rear differential.
Yeah looks like is part of the transmission I have the same question I have a leak and i know is not the transmission pan looks like is on the transfer case but I don't know how to add the fluid once is drain ? 2005 chrysler pacifica 2wd 3.8L