Q: tracking light on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

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the tracking light, comes on making the engine jerk, causing me to pull over to restart my car to get it to turn off it did die also on me so far changed the oil complet tune up and had to replace the fuel pump, battery had it put on a small tester hand held, no codes
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What does the tracking light look like? I am not aware of this. unless you mean the anti-slip traction light. The hand held tester would not be able to read any traction codes. That takes a more robust tester.

OK, you will need a scanner that is capable of testing your entire ABS system and vehicle stability control and traction control as well as your engine, trans, instrument cluster and Air bag system. I would recommed a complete systems scan.
i'am going to put on a bigger machine i just don;t understand why the car dies and this light comes on
we had the same issue with our replace of $1,000 worth of stuff and come to find out apparently the manufacturers wired a coil pack harness wrong and it melts onto the manifold take it to a mechanic tell them what i just told you it will cost about $125 to fix but it runs like new