trac off light on Chevrolet Cavalier

Problem Data
Average mileage: 103,375 (50,000–153,877)
4 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
14 people reported this problem
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trac off light came on 3 times in the last four month won't shift into higher gears and when I turn my car off and restart it it works fine.....puzzled?
Track off light and check engine light on. Won't go over 40 mph, dies at red lights, chugs. Replaced spark plugs and O2 sensor, still doing same thing.
Trac off light comes on, then car begins stalling on acceleration and intermittent jumping. once while inside a busy intersection, the car stall on acceleration creating a very potentially hazardous situation. We were almost hit by oncoming traffic. Several mechanics have not been able to diagnose the problem.
trac light comes on, shifts very hard. just replaced last january the ignation coil and ignation modulator. service engine light is on. checked the abs sensor looks good no dirt, wires look good . HELP