Q: trac light & transmission oil change on 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

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my trac off light comes on and messes with the transmission. What makes it come on? and can I turn it off somewhere? Where is the transmission fluid stick? Do I change the transmisson fluid?
(3) Answers
Your transmission doesn't have a trans dipstick. You have to remove the fill plug on the converter side of the trans with the engine running at operating temperature. Do not turn the car off while the plug is removed or hot fluid will come out of the fill hole. You must have it level and on a hoist to check it.
The trac light will need to be checked by a mechanic with a scan tool to read the code in the system for further diagnosis
I had the same thing, but for some reason soon after the fuel pump went out. When I replaced the fuel pump the light went out and everything was back to normal. Not sure why, but it did.
Indicates overdrive may be going out, or the button on the shifter is in the overdrive off position.