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would not stop alarming
I had 279,000 miles on mine before a mud bog got me sideways and I had a rollover accident that totalled it. No injuries whatsoever. Owned it for 10 years. My esteem for durability, safety and reliability is vastly more important to me than any concerns about 13 MPG. My experience with brake costs seems consistent with other posts here, also the Birfield joints (CV joint) can be an Achilles' heel.

I had the cylinder head machined at 180,000 because a piece of spark plug wiring fell into the combustion chamber during a tune up and I couldn't get it out. The machinist found a 0.04" warp across the face of the head that he couldn't machine out. He suggested just reassembling it anyway, which I did. I put nearly 100,000 miles on that warped head!

In the ranks of all-time best utilitarian workhorse SUV's this vehicle belongs on everybody's short list, and certainly at the top of my list. I will buy another one.
I have a 2011 Landcruiser which was purchased new. At 60000 miles the ventilation unit no longer recirculates air and the dealer is asking $2700 to repair it. Wow! I thought a Landcruiser would have better reliability than this.
This is my second Landcruiser, the only reason we replaced the first is beacuse a low miles one rarely comes up - so we traded up a couple years.
The AC blows my husbands new Tundra out of the water- acceleration in passing is powerful, rides quiet and smooth- would not trade it for ANY other SUV.
THE best vehicle we have ever owned- now driving Landcruiser for 12 years!
dash lights flash of and on, amp guage moves up and down from half way mark, when air-con is on it surges fast then slow, when speed up on freeway 100ks, air-con goes warm, have leaned battery terminals, tightened all belts, battery not going flat, and alternator seems to be charging ok, what do you think. dave..
She has 209,000 and only minor com plaint is factory sound.
drives better than a new car. Looking for a driver side floor carpet mat and back speaker for it though.
Hands down the niceset and BEST car on the road today. I look at cars driving on my commute to see if I would rather drive that car. I have never said "wish I could have that car". Only one that ever caught my attention was a NEW Landcruiser. 162k, still looks and drives and smells new. An amazing vehicle.
Having my 97 Land Cruiser for 12 years now, I have had few problems. We are at 250,000 miles and she still runs like a dream. Only issue I had was a replica of one mentioned in earlier posts, about the carpet becoming wet. After a little extra investigating, it seemed like it was due to the drains from the moonroof becoming clogged. Once those were cleaned out I have not had any more issues with damp carpet. Would recommend a Land Cruiser to everyone, love driving it!!!
I have A gas 1997 ( and a 1992 RHD diesel ) the gaser has 350K Miles on her and running strong, needs a liter of oil every once in a while and the EGR fails, besides that she runs strong, all accesories and AC work 100% and GF loves this for around town!. The diesel, its a dream machine, like driving a Lexus 450, but with 30 Mpg Hwy ! ( I have been driveing Land cruisers for last 20 Years and simply love these vehicles.) for comment, 92landcruiser@gmail
We own a 2001 with 147m miles on it. Was rebuilt after being hit on front left. Survived the accident, the Cherokee who hit me did not. Anyway, shortly after we started to notice that the driver floor would get wet when it rained. No dripping to be found. Have had the door realigned and the windshield replaced. Still have the issue. Thoughts? The Landcruiser is an excellent and reliable SUV. I am sure that it will go to 200m. Hopefully the rust that is now appearing won't get out of control.
Original owner of an 03 100 series. I love this car. Toyota factory service suks. Car had a bent axel housing while under warranty & they disputed it. The Part was unavailable in domestic salvage yards, since most used LCs get sent to Africa, South America & the Mid East. Finally after a 3 year search I found one locally in a salvage yard from an lexus 06 LX470. Same basic truck. Now I wont have to replace tires or axel seals every 12 thousand miles. I'll keep this truck forever it's that good!
Original owner, all we have ever done is oil change and routine service requirements.Getting ready for the 120 K service.
The money you put out in the beginning will amoratize over the long haul.
Plan to keep it to at least 200K. Will always drive LC from now on.
Only issues are fading of internal wood trim due to hot sun and no garage!
Did I mention she travels on 7 miles of gravel road and THROUGH 2 creeks EVERY WEEK! Simply the best SUV out there- bar none.
just bought this with 106k. has the grey int and in great shape. bought it sight unseen after seller assured me, "no surprizes." only one: the drivetrain (tranny?) clunks into gear. mechanic says could last 100k more but didn't want to change tranny oil. only paid 13k so new tranny wont kill me.
hard shift after change transmission oil at the dealer
Getting ready to sell at 166K miles. Still tight as a drum, but here is what has happened since new:

(1)transmission just gave out, no warning, but something gave way at the front and shredded the gears, replaced with salvaged unit for $3K.
(2) Exhaust manifold cracked around 120K.
(3) Sensor (O2?) failed around 100K, limited throttle response.
(4) Stereo fried
(5) 'D' light on dash went out
(6) Plastic shield in front of sunroof fluttered and detached itself early on.
(7) Warped brake disk causes pulsing when brakes are applied, waiting for next brake job to deal with it.

All in all, a good car with some good miles still left.
Everything is great but lets not forget that engine block and head are made out of two different materials and that marriage is not always the most faithfull:( That is the only bad thing that I can say about FJ80, other than that install 100 series brake pads and notice about 10%improvement in braking. Don't seem like much but trust me you can feel it!!!
YR2000. No problems at 135K MILES. slight discolorations of interior panel after being in the TX heat & sun. Engine runs well with synthetic oil ( Royal Purple 5W30-needs to change only at 10-12K intervals). Headlights lamps may need new reflectors. Maintains great alignment even after taking into the mud pits and offroading. Braking systems can be slightly better to stop on inclines. Interior panel lighting could be better for night and offroad driving map reading.
I am 18 years old and this is my second toyota. i had a 1996 tacoma, but i wrecked it. Now i own a 1995 Land Cruiser, and have almost no complaints about it expect for the gas millage, but its a trade im willing to make. The inline 6 has enough tourque to get the job done and the turning radius is unbelievable. I am so glad i bought it and cant wait to mod it and make it bigger and better, as i aam planing to keep it for another 6 years at least. Runs like a champ and has a 180k, and is in amazing condition for the millage and the year. I am deffiently going to buy another land cruiser down the raod.
Excellent vehicle for the money [we got her when she only had 60K], now she needs a few things done but with 200K+ and still going strong, it is all right for this baby.. We off road ours and she keeps on ticking, no garage/street queen for this one. She will hang in there with the best of them. I forgot she is the best of them!!!

We have a 4runner, Tundra and the her - The! Land Cruiser, need I say more..

Two caveats -

1) Watch for head gasket problems when you start getting up there in the miles. Should of recalled them for it, they have a propensity to let go when you least expect it. But since the normal upkeep includes a valve job at about 200K, it's part of the maintenance schedule and will never know unless you read this write up.

2) Tranny can get funny at about 200K, when the shifting solenoids start to act funny as if shifting starts to get clunky or she will try starting in what seems 3rd or 4th gear. Not expensive to fix but hard to diagnose unless you read this write up.

Oh yeah one more funny little thing, the "D" light in the dash will go out or has gone out, join the club,

The internet will be your friend when things start to go wrong with the above mentioned; will be the answer to all your problems.
An Awesome Car.......has 270,000 miles and going strong.
Still looks and drives like a new car. When I take it in for
routine service........they can't believe the miles and condition.

Would do it all over again.......I'm the original owner
Bought my 1996 approx 9 years ago with 80k, now have 199k.
Have had to replace some gaskets-leaked oil, and replaced the starter. Drive to many ski areas, and many back roads, have never lost traction much less been stuck. This car is great, it does eant brakes though. Plan I keeping it and when i buy another car it will be a used landcruiser.
I bought my 1996 with 18K on her, she was less than 1 yr old. She now has 92K on her! She guzzles gas (about 12-13mpg) pulling my boat or not. Rusted exhaust had to be replaced, replacing U joints on drive shafts (1K) but love her! Onyx gets me thru everything and has NEVER gotten stuck or left me stranded! Besides, there is a 08 Sequoia but the wife gives me that "walk away before I shoot you look" so Onyx and I will be rolling for years to come.
I bought my 1994 Landcruiser used with 140k miles. I have put 20k miles on it but first made some simple after market upgrades (magnaflow muffler, K&N air filter and Rancho shocks and stearing stableizer). I do a lot of off roading for my work and have been had a Toyota 4x4 1985 pick up, 1992 4x4 4runner and a 1997 4x4 4runner. All in all this is by far the best Toyota experience I have had. I love this truck!!
I have 180 k on mine and it has been great it eats a lot of brakes but the only other repair has been a starter.
This is my 3rd LC. This one has 140k on it and still turns heads like a new car. This generation LC is the best so far. My previous generation went to 303k miles before any major repairs. I plan to drive this one for another 10 years. They are expensive but worth every penny you pay.
Purchased this 1999 Landcruiser 6 years ago with 102k miles on it - today have 175k with only expected repairs like brakes, O2 sensors, shocks. Solid vehicle and expect to get at least another 100,000 miles. Highly recommended other than the ave 15-16 mpg gas milage.
My 1997 Land Cruiser is now thirteen years old ... it's in its pubescent stage ... tough on brake pads (every 30K) and always a gas hog averaging just 13.4 mpg around town, but I think its the best SUV going and going and going and going ...
All in all I'm pleased with it, drives great and plenty of power for a large vehicle. Only real issue is with the Airconditioning, I have to have it recharged every year since new.
Fantastic SUV. We bought ours used 6 months ago with 50,000 miles on it. Have driven it across the country and have had zero problems. Gas mileage is not great but that is to be expected with such a heavy vehicle.
A very durable rig. As a used car it retains a very high quality status.