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Toyota Camry Hybrid (7 Reviews)
I couldn't have been any happier than I have been with this car! The fuel economy, dependability, speed, handling, and durability have far surpassed all my expectations. It helped me save a life as I had no choice but to rush a teenage hit and run victim to a hospital late o e night. It was steadily accelerating past 130mph. I was completely shocked and even more grateful for getting me there within mere seconds before he would've been hopeless. I never thought I would appreciate a car so much, but I'm glad I was wrong.I plan on keeping "Cammy" until I have absolutely no other choice.
Chris R.
Bought our '07 Camry Hybrid new in December '06. Just passed the 90k mark. Only service (other than normal oil changes, tire rotations, etc.) was the brake shoes. Finally had to replace the rear shoes at 82k! The front shoes still look pristine! This thing just simply does not wear out brakes. They don't even get used until the car is under 10 mph when stopping.

The 90k service light came on and is requesting a timing belt change, which has me a bit confused. The 4 cyl engine, from what I've researched, has a timing chain, not a belt. Will find out when we get the 90k service done.

The only complaint I've had is with a few of the exterior plastic parts (around the wheel wells and front grill). They aren't attached well and get pulled loose over time.

My only problem now is deciding when I'm buying the next Camry Hybrid. Now or after I pass 100k...? Love the Camry Hybrid. PS. I consistently pull 36-37 mpg in town or on highway.
Car is great after 66500 miles. The only issue is that the remote trunk cable broke. Replaced under warranty. Other than that, the dash rattles a little when it is really cold outside
I purchased my 2009 Camry Hybrid brand-new and I've owned it for almost 2.5 years (about 29K miles). I'm very satisfied with this car and I'm glad I chose it. Unfortunately, this is the first Toyota out of many in my family that had a warranty issue. The fusible link (a power converter) burned out under normal usage. The Toyota technician said that he's only seen this part burn out when the car's been jump-started improperly (reversed polarity). I'd never done any jump-starting and the car had been running perfectly up to that point, so it became a customer service nightmare with my word against the technician's. The issue was escalated up to the regional service supervisor, who eventually decided in my favor. Sadly, this whole process took several weeks and damaged my view of Toyota's customer service. The Camry's been running well ever since.

I get very good mileage, about 37 mpg on average. The ride is smooth and the suspension is designed for ride comfort rather than sporty handling. There's some body roll during sharp turns.

Ground clearance and vertical entry/exit angle is pretty good. My friend's 2009 Honda Accord would often scrape its undercarriage on steep driveways, while my Camry rarely hit the bottom.

Acceleration is good, especially for a hybrid, but there is a slight delay in power delivery when flooring the pedal. The Atkinson-cycle engine trades some horsepower for thermal efficiency, so don't expect too much. Even so, I find that the combined 187 HP is more than sufficient, and the car as a whole feels far smoother and more powerful than the Prius.

Trunk space is about 2/3 that of a normal sedan due to the hybrid battery. This is usually not a problem for me.

Overall, I highly recommend the Camry Hybrid.
I have owned my 2007 Camry Hybrid since Feb 2007. I service it regularly and have never had a problem with it. I average 34 miles per gallon and use every feature that it came with. GPS, hands free, seat warmers, sun roof, child seat attachments, etc. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for reliability and comfort. I have never had a problem with the gas pedal and will have the dealer do what ever they are supposed to do at my next service. I love my Toyota Camry Hybrid!
I received my 2007 Camry Hybrid on July 11, 2006. In 2009, the power steering failed, but instead of becoming hard to steer, it required all the stength I had to turn it to the left or right. The best way to turn the car, was to stop, turn the car off, turn the wheels in the direction you want to go, then restart the car and drive uintil you need to steering left or right, at which time you can turn the car off and repeat the procedure. Toyota vehicles should have a power steering disable switch. Later, I learned from the accelerator problem, that holding the start button for 3 seconds will turn the car off, but my Camry had been repaired by then, so I do not know if the power steering can be disabled this way..
I have owned and driven this car for 3 years, 75000 miles and everything still works, It all worked when I bought it and it still works 100%. How can I ask for anything more? Gets an overall average of 32 miles per gallon. Sometimes more but never less than 32MPG. I paid a rip-off price when I bought it, but I wanted the Hybrid. I knew the dealer was ripping me off, bought it anyway, told the dealer I would never deal with him again. But I love the car!