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my speakers worked at first after the air bag was replaced then right speaker had no sound then both have no sound. they were fine until the air bag was no help or answers from dealership that did the work. they said that could not have made the speakers to stop working.
How to repair this error, the electronic part is not responding to the ECU.

Please help
If a little kid stuffed some snow into your exhaust pipe and then you let it run would the car eventually fil with carbon monoxide?
Replaced drive belt myself. I set the tension adjuster exactly where it was before. The car runs fine and the belt seems to be working properly.
This only happens while using heater. Can't smell it while using air conditioning. Started last winter. 2010 yaris hatchback 5speed.
The auxiliary wire was plugged into the aux port when the wire fell through the emergency brake handle opening and touched the metal at which time it caused a loud bang over the radio. Ever sense is happened the gas level indicator is off by two bars. My feeling is the wire shorted out on some metal causing it to scramble the level indicator. Can the level indicator be re-calibrated?
Air conditioner worked fine when I first bought the car, took it to the dealership to get an oil change at 24,000 miles and my AC failed as I pulled in, asked them to run a check on my AC system and was told there were no leaks, but unfortunately a mold issue had clogged my compressor/condenser and the whole AC system needed replaced at a price of $5,000. Which is half of what I paid for the car. I told them my warranty had just run out not even 2 weeks prior to me taking it in. They would not accept the warranty. They said they could give me a discount of 20% off, which took the price down to $4000. I cried terribly, this is my only vehicle, I don't drive it very much as you can see it's got very low mileage. Can't afford the price of a new AC system and think it was totally unfair to bypass the warranty when several times before that I had brought it in to have the AC looked at. The only thing they could do was not charge me the diagnostic fee. The AC works, I've showed them, but only on the defrost setting. So I know it's not the whole system. But I was told not to take it anywhere else, only the dealership. Confused and upset.
it works fine as long as water is in it,but it leaks out.
While I am driving between 40 and 70 mph, if I let off the gas just enough to keep my speed constant (not accelerating, but not decelerating either), I get a high-pitch whine from the front right area of the car. Has anyone experienced this, or know what could be causing it? It's done this ever since I owned the car (37,000, and now at 78,000 miles). It seems to be slightly louder that when I first bought the car.
The battery was dead on the car, we charged it, put it back in and the horn started to blow, won't quit, electrical systems don't work, shifter is locked. Is it a fuse, and where is it?
if i reset the light it does not work right, its on but it works good.
car hit me as i was coming out of parking lot. part of car surround wheel is caved in.
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