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This started a couple of years ago. My Venza will beep 7 times in a row for no reason. It went off when I was next to it, but then it will go off at night when no-one is around (like 1:30 am), at 9:;30 am, 8 pm, etc. No set time. My neighbors probably think it is possessed. I've had the updated hood latch replaced, but that did not solve the problem. It's always 7 beeps, no more or no less.
Problem occurred when the right rear tire locked up. The car sat for several days in the garage after a wash. I removed the right rear wheel, brake caliper and the rotor. Axle spun freely, no indication as to what the problem was. Reassembled the rotor, Axle still spun freely, put caliper back on, Axle spun freely, put rear wheel back on and yet again axle spun freely. Lowered and have driven the car. AWD light wont go out.
indicator light EPS electric power steering motor failure.
I have a 2010 Toyota Venza/V6. Last week out of the blue the dreaded ABS/VSC lights came on.Fortunately a friend has a toyota scan tool and seems that the rear passenger wheel sensor is bad.I can buy the part for around $110.00 OEM Toyota.My question is how difficult is it to replace this part,without ripping my vehicle to pieces to make the connections.If anyone could offer some advise on this matter.I would appreciate.Thanks Dave J/NJ
2010 Venza A/C working on driver's side only.
when I pull on the latch nothing happens. I think the cable is broken
Should be the easiest job! Not, the wire housing goes into the car which means you have to take a lot of plastic off inside the car, which is impossible! Now I have half the job done and I have to take it in anyway. Anyone have advice?
took door panel off, window was frozen in track, removed window and re-installed, now power window goes to top and comes down by itself
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