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I turn the heater on but only blows cold air what dose that mean ?
It feels every bump even on the smoothest road.
My car not start when I push the button a key light come on it will not lock nor open my doors
It occurs at anytime espicailly after rain.
I need a cost to possibly replace emergency brake and maybe cables
The driver floor and rear passenger behind the Driver seat floor it extremely wet. Had to pull out drain plug from under car and wet vac carpet. No sign of leak from inside the car...
after the seat is hot it starts to smell like burning wires
I still have brakes. The lights come on and go off. All started when I had a low tire. I put air in it and then the warning lights started coming on and off.
I bought this 2009 Venza (CPO) used, but didn't do a rough road test. It's a bumpy stiff ride on poorly maintained Roads (common in NJ) I've read other forums reagrding changing the tires,downsizing the wheels, and /or changing from factory struts / shocks. (these all make perfect sense) Has anyone had any success with any or all of this? I like the car but the ride is distracting. I am used to a much smoother ride in Toyota Products.
I need to install a replacement cover
My check engine light and vsc light and track light came on - car running rough - can it be a vacuum leak or 02 sensor needs replaced? We checked engine light with hand held diagnostic computer and it read codes P0300 P0302, P0304, P0304 ---Car only has 36k miles on it to date
So today i washed my 2009 Toyota Venza V6 AWD, when i got home i parked it in the garage and after and hour or two i wanted to leave again. I drove out of my garage and put the car in P, than the following lights went on: Traction control, ABS, "!" with a triangle around (was blinking than stopped), tire pressure (was blinking also for a bit than stopped), Check VSC System. Now my car is stuck outside... Cant put it in gear and i cant turn the wheel either. What the heck is going on? I bought the car 4 months ago with 80,000KM and now im getting all these problems. Car has around 86,000 km's now. Please help me.
I have an 2009 Toyota Venza and the following lights are on ABS, AWD, Traction Control also the VSC lights on, i brought the car to a dealer and they said its the Right Back Wheel Speed Sensor which needs to be replaced, now i was wondering if i could replace it by myself because if they will repair it it'll cost me around $500.00. If i replace it does the computer need to be reseted? or is it just take the old one out and put the new one in and thats it?
My 2009 Venza has had the top moulding(on each side) come off. It is only installed with double back form tape. The first time it was lost on the road and the second time I heard it flopping so it was recovered. The dealer replaced it the first time under warnanty. Is there a better fix for this problem other than three peices of foam tape?
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