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The engine makes the normal starting noise but it doesn’t start. The battery is brand new so that rules it out.
Do you have a drawing indication locations and total number of 4WD PROPELLER SHAFT (DRIVESHAFT) LUBRICATION POINTS
I replaced bulb and checked fuses ,right head light still won't come on
Truck won't start after replacing radiator.
All web reading state this a common problem. have not been able to
get a solution. Good Tires and wheels. Oz 20inch alloys Pirelli scorpions 275/65/20 have not tried rebalance but
other posts state that is not a fix. 45000 miles. Bilstein 5100 series struts.
If you have any info it would be appreciated.
After pulling several fuses with the engine running to find my trailer light fuse the check engine and skid light stayed on. could pulling to check all the fuses have caused this. I have had the check engine light turned off by a local parts store and in about a mile the skid light went off, Could me pulling the fuses have caused this?
Had a brake line failure on rear passenger side so fixed the line and changed the pads and attempted to bleed the lines. Fluid all over the place during the failure but when done and ready to bleed the lines, started the truck and had wife pump while I opened and closed the bleeder valve. The problem - cannot get fluid to run out the valve. Fluid is now topped up still no fluid out bleeder. Tried vacuum line too but no fluid comes out. Is there a valve/lock on these to prevent loss of too much fluid? ABS control?? Need help with this.
There three clips on the front part of the panel that covers the blower motor how do i release these three clips to remove this panel.
I have a 2010 tundra 4x4. 44000 miles, I'm about to take it in for 45K service. Hoew do i tell if my drive belts need replacing?
Is 2000 rpm`s on cold start-up too high?
Is 2000 rpm`s on cold start-up too high?
On cold start-up, the engine revs to 2,000 rpm`s for a short time, I feel the rpm`s are too high.
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