2008 Toyota Tundra Questions

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My husband bought the truck with 153000 miles on engine,he is checking to see what his engine is
it is running bad there is no water in the oil could i have cracked the manifold or something
Bought Factory kit for Sat/receiver and harness for my Tundra no instuctions gave w purchased n Toyota was no help
Will start & then shut down. Seems to happens when tank is lower than 1/2 full. Let set few minutes & will start up. If top off tank, it runs great. Has happened a couple of times in the last 2 months.
Has 72,000
At 110 mph the engine fluters as tho governed?
2008 tundra I get out and then when i get back in truck won't start. This happens randomly. Turn key on it will click a few times and never start have to have it jumped. Will run great and start back, then all of a sudden it won't start back up. Had battery checked it's good.
The Toyota local dealer (44663) has no clue what is wrong. They replaced the air pump and it still codes a 171p on the first warm-up (5 miles) and p171 and 174p the next warm-up cycle (from cold). It has gone from 16mpg to 11, but reads lean both banks. I replaced the MAF sensor and 1A Auto even sent me the 2nd one free, then refunded my money. Same problem. I am now waiting for a new PCV valve as it barely closes. It sounds a bit better after cleaning the PCV and appears to have picked up a mpg or 2. I was a line mechanic a long time ago and only have a hand-held OBD tool and my wits to figure this out. I am now finding the term "service tech" troubling as the dealer's main Toyota guy told me he couldn't do anything until it throws a different code. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Does this cost seem correct? I can't remember if it was the timing od drive belt. But I have not seen any leaking and there is no noise. It is a V8
The model number is A1226-P
2008 Toyota Tundra is not starting after running for 40 miles every evening. About 10k miles ago the truck ran out of gas but I have been tripping the odometer ever since so it does happen again since the fuel gauge was incorrect. I took it to the Toyota dealer and the only code that came back was clean the wiring harness connections and if it continued then to change out the wiring harness. The truck will run great if you let it sit for 2 hours or so and it will fire right back up and run like the day it drove off the lot. It is like it is not getting any fuel when it tries to fire back up after running for 40 miles. Could the fuel pump been damaged when it ran out of fuel or is it truly the wiring harness as the dealer quoted me$4,500 to replace the wiring harness? The dealer was not convinced that it was the wiring harness as they told me to see if happens again as they could not get it to do to not start and after the code came back they continued to try and find a different issue.
Noise became really pronounced after fueling up when tank got really low. I thought it was a spark knock but no treatment worked. I had my toyo mechanic drive it and he suggested it was an exhaust leak but could not pinpoint it. I researched online and the common complaint is the exhaust manifold cracking.
I try to turn it on nothing happens is it a switch that shots off when a battery drains out? you turn the switch to on nothing happens no light inside either what could that be a fuse or alternator? (new battery tested)
I was quoted $1100 for Universal joint replacement on 2008 Toyota tundra, they said ball joints were fine. Are they leaving out some information? I don't think is should cost that much for only U-joints. What other repairs may have been done with bad U-joints?
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