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I replaced the radiator and the engine still won't start. What could be the problem still ?
I check all fuses and relays with volt meter and getting power. clean the throttle body..but when i have key in accessory my truck is not priming gas ...and it starts up rough sometimes as im thinking its starting on a dry start...i will get misfire codes that read misfire on my even side spark plugs only..mostly on bank 2..i been online for 2 weeks not trying to get any infomation on this and its a dead end.
Car won't start. Repair man says starter solenoid melted
My 140amp fuse doesn't have power?
I can take the battery cable off and the engine light goes off and the speed problem is fixed for a couple of start ups

a/t temperature light came up engine slow down and stopped and I can not start it again.
The truck shows its overheating also
Light came on took it to deal told me it was a xtended warranty issue , the air bank 1 sensor had bin replaced under warrenty , and now it went out agin and 2k to replace and fix it now is there a more financialy sound way of fixing they said it was safe to drive but would b n limp mode please help thanks
Merging in into lighway from rest area. All dash lights lit up and thermostat shot to H. Immediately turned off and when restarted most lights were off but vs coff and the suspension light on. And thermostat still going gradually to H.
I'll go to start it and only makes clicking sound. I'll give a couple more tries and it will start with no issues. It will be fine for awhile then make the same clicking sound when I go to start it. Any suggestions on what the issue could be?
when i connect
I have a 2007 toyota tundra with about 175k on it and have had no problems until recently i put 35 inch tires on the back and immediatly it started acting funny, I Accelerated out of the tire shop and it shifted fine until about a mile down the road and the traction control started blinking and it would accelerate, it would rev up but would only start accelerating after i let it get around 1000 Rpm, and also when it does that if i put it on faction control it will immediately snap out of it and maintain speed
My tundra was running great and I started it up and the vsc light came on the same time the ck. engine lite came on and the 4 lo light is on but will not go in lo or high 4x4 and I can not go over 40mph. Any help . I have 60.000 on it .
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