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The tire pressure is according to specs. Just had new tires put on with new TPMS kit. The light was on before the tire installation.
Fuse checked OK
I am about to purchase this truck with 166,639 miles and I am thinking of replacing the engine with a newer lower mileage engine of the same size which is 4.0 Like.I said earlier I am about to buy the truck and due to the high mileage I may want to change the after another 1000 miles
Have looked extensively but can not find a refill plug on my 2006 Tundra (V8-2WD). The Toyota service bulletin A750E,F shows a 24mm socket located on the passenger side of the tranny. Not there? Since there is no dipstick on this model, how do I go about adding fluid to the transmission?
AC works. when placed on level 2, cool air blows fine, but anything higher than that, cool air is intermittent and sometime blows warm air. also cool air blow has a delay in it, takes a little time for cool air to start coming in.
It smelled to me like a vehicle that needed its cabin filter replaced but I see the 06 Tundra does not have one. Any ideas what may be causing the smell?
i have never done this before...alot of other repairs i have done:...starters, alternators,radiators, wheel bearings, brake pads and shoes....can i change the valve cover gasket myself??? please and thank you, gatormike813
recently changed headlight relay now parking lights will randomly come on also when I go to start it starts in on position instead of start position any help would be appreciated
I just started noticing a very slight vibration when excellerating around 30 to 50 mph
How many miles should I go before I change transmission fluid in the 2006 Toyota tundra
Last year I was coming down from the hills after a job I finished. There is a light rain so the road is was wet. A car in front of me and two behind me. Were going about 20 mph. All of a sudden I hear like a pop and hissing sound. It scared the shit out of me. I must have panicked because I locked up my brakes and spun aroundI ended up with two flat tires on the same side. This was before the latest airbag recall for passenger side front airbag. Is this going to be a recall sometimwe in the future? After someone gets killed? I could have easily been killed. 4,000 feet elevation. I asked dealer about it. There3 are no recalls on this item. But they want to keep my truck for a month and run tests on it. lol Yeah right. And just miss work. So I am driving around with A headliner blown out and a seatbelt drawn up so tight I had to cut it to get out of my truck. Of course I don't want to get my insurance company involved If I dont have to. The seatbelt alone is $300. then two tires, headliner,
My tundra developed a small squeak at front of engine that continued to get louder...The parts store guy said it was one of two pulleys and best to replace both at same time...any thoughts or advice?
They said freon was low. Want to replace condenser and warranty and "o" rings. Is this necessary?
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