2003 Toyota Tundra Questions

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Truck starts up for a few seconds then stops.
the exhaust manifold on that side may have a slight leak that seems to vanish when it expands with heat.
There's no tag on the axle to tell any info. I broke a couple of teeth off. No end plate. I'm able to get a rear axle off of a 2003 Sequoia 2 wheel drive. My Tundra is 4 wheel drive.
Prices for Converter are ridiculously hi. I find some for as little as $132 with $500 being top end. Prices I have from Toyota Dealerships run $1300 plus to $1500 plus. What is an honest price for part and labor.
took ti to have it ck out.they said i needed maf sensor & 2 up stream o2sensors installed all three units on my truck still having the same problem won"t run keeps cutting off & no power don"t know what to do from this point on can you help.
This only occurs while using the A.C. system, but it happened this time while accelerating, and going up a small hill. the engine now seems to run rough all the time.
I have to put in neutral and keep foot on the gas giving it pressure. Any ideas on what this might be and how to fix it?
what is the dry cycel
When turning ignition key to start, truck will start only if I hold key forward. Letting go of key truck turns off. My mechanic has replaced the ignition relay but says he is unable to fix what is killing the ignition relay. Any solutions before I take vehicle into Toyota? What should this repair cost?
It runs fine at idel and under load but starts to. Surger when it gets up to speed
Runs okay for a short while, then the coolant backs into the overflow tank and then it overheats. What would cause this?
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