2002 Toyota Tundra Questions

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Battery is good and replaced alternator. Lights are staying on but switch if off. When lights are turned on truck stalls when I stop.
the truck just stop, cause I couldn't use the clutch to change gears, it went all the way down to the floor of the truck. 2002 Toyota Tundra
it does not respond to starting just clicks. Radio will not play, nothing responds normally.
It now won't start. It does roll over, but won't start. Maybe it's the fuel pump or relay or something else like I think it may have shut down from the low oil sensor, was headed to take it for oil change when this happened. I added oil. Still doesn't start. Does something need reset in order for the truck to start?
I have replaced pads,master cylinder, and booster. Bled brakes each time but I get two blocks away on testing and they lock up. I am baffled what can I do.
i just switched out a power steering pump because the old one started leaking between the pullley and the pump and the new pump still made a bit of noise (whine). i later noticed a leak on a seal between the steering rack pinion and the steering column so i decided to add an addative (at-250 if i recall) and it worked great (no leaks) for a few days until the rebuilt pump i bought started leaking at the same spot. so i sent it back for defects and got a new one. just installed it, fluid level is good, spent 20 minutes turning lock to lock, drivfing around etc.. and it still makes a bit of noise. i cant figure out why
Idle if i keep pressure on pedal
so I just changed out to a new battery and sometimes starts right up, sometimes just turns over and over and over and will not start. help?
What could be the cause?
I am afraid I know the answer but I do not know this model truck very well. Happened on highway at about 45 mph lost all water , radiator steaming, engine lost power. and shut down. Starter turns engine over quite rapidly making no unusual noises but will not start.
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