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Put in new alternator spliced wires it would turn over but sometimes hard to get started ran fine all day on errands today doesn't start at all
I had a code reading of P0100/P0110, which indicates replacing mass flow air sensor or clean, after doing so it still does not stay on it shuts off, all the air hoses In-N-Out in around are all tight nothing loose, unplugging the mass airflow sensor the truck will turn on and idle just fine but once I give it gas it turns off and once I plug back in the mass air flow sensor it turns off I change the mass airflow sensor twice in one day thinking that it might be defective
took to local mech. and starting changing parts. spark plugs, all the coils, air filter, worked on timing, still no fix. took to toyota dealer they said it was fuel injector and that didnt fix it. dealer let it run for 2 days trying to make it code but no codes engine light flashing, they did say the 02 sensor was bad but said it would not cause this problem. could it be bad gas? im in it now 800.00 and still not working. Help please
Im way out in the desert,alone,an ive no torch wrench to re tighten my crank bolt after replacing my timing belt an water curious as to where i might rent one ?ive no idea what im doin other than the vids on truck was my only trans,an i literally cannot walk back n forth to the auto zone for help,ive no phone,im piggyback ing my nxt door for ive nevr been so freaked on making a truck has sat ther a whole mnth an im just goint to start.when i go online to order the part,,a water pump timing belt kit...ive no manuel or engine maintanance do i know exactly what to order?? Im sorry im out of my element on how or what to ask..i just have to go for it an im affraid of distroying my truck...thank u for any help or advice...i do have patients tho..
I have changed the coil in cylinder number eight and I've change the spark plugs in all eight cylinders. Truck is still running rough and says there is a misfire in cylinder number eight what else might it be. The truck has 223,000 miles. The fuel system was completely clean six months ago and new fuel filter put on. Not sure which direction to go now.
we just replaced the thermostat and now its leaking around it. Pepboys says its going to cost $475 to repair and I just think thats alot for a leak.
transmission fluid is overflowing into the overflow reservoir connected to the radiator
What's happening when after the Head Gasket has been repaired and a noise from Valves is coming out?
Went on vacation and came back a week later battery was dead so i boosted it off and drove around ten miles. then it started skipping bad and losing power so started pulling towards side of road and it died completely. So i bought a new battery and it will turn over all day but will not crank any suggestions?
The turn signals seem to work and the left turn signal indicator remains on all the time, even after the key is turned off.
heater MOTOR control
Need to replace airbag sensors or the computer to get truck going so I can get it okay by high way patrol
I have a impact gun and the exhaust bolts remain difficult to loosen. Help, please and what are the torque settings? And, how do I check the new manifolds for leaks before I install them? Thanks for being there for help, I really do appreciate the feedback. best regards, geo
What causes an intermittent problem with 2007 Toyota Tundra Crank but doesn't start; however after waiting for a period will start.
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